Chris Lejarzar

I’m  co-founder of The Two Man Booth (formerly known as Street Smarks). I originally covered WWE PPVs, RAW, and Smackdown (not to mention some Impact Wrestling). It was a load and real life got in the way of it. So, now I’m down to a somewhat weekly column in which I talk about professional wrestling.

I filled out a questionnaire so you all could get to know me a little better.

1. How long have you been watching wrestling ? What is your earliest memory of it? Who got you into it?

I suppose you could say that I’ve been watching all my life. It’s hard to recall back to what my actual first memory of wrestling was. I’ve been watching an awful long time, plus I’m not sure what I witnessed at the time or what saw on a later date. I want to say that it has something to do with the Mega Powers. It may have been when Savage completed his face turn or it could have been sometime after Wrestlemania IV. I definitely saw the first SummerSlam, though.

My father got me into it at a very early age. He was a big fan of the Horsemen and Ted DiBiase. His parents (and his stepfather) got him and my uncle into it. My step-grandfather was very into Pat Patterson and Ray Stevens. My grandmother would become a very big Eddie Guerrero fan. She basically stopped watching once he died.

 2. Which promotion did you watch first?

The World Wrestling Federation.

3. Which promotions did you watch during your time as a fan? Which was your favorite?

Not counting videos later on: WWF(E), NWA/WCW, ECW, Memphis Pro Wrestling, AWF (yes, the one with the round system), Impact Wrestling, ROH, Territory League, Future Stars of Wrestling (Las Vegas Indie), Reno Wrestle Factory, NWA: Hollywood, NJPW, and Lucha Underground. Overall, I’m a WWF(E) guy.

4. Which promotion(s) do you watch now?

WWE, FSW, Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground, NJPW, and Ring of Honor.

5. Favorite wrestler of all-time ?

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

6. Favorite current wrestler?

Sasha Banks.

7. Favorite tag team of all-time?

The Road Warriors.

8. Favorite current tag team?

Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend: The Reno Scum.

9. Favorite stable of all-time?

The Four Horsemen (the Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, and Barry Windham incarnation).

10. Favorite manager?

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Tammy “Sunny” Sytch. I know I cheated, so what?

11. Favorite play-by-play announcer? Favorite color commentator? Favorite announce team? Favorite ring announcer?

Jim Ross; Bobby Heenan; Gorilla Monsoon and Heenan; Howard Finkel.

12. Favorite match of all-time?

Such a tough call. I think I have to go with Flair vs. Ricky Steamboat 2/3 Falls at Clash of the Champions VI.

13. Favorite gimmick match?

War Games.

14. Favorite finisher?

The Road Warriors’ Doomsday Device.

15. Favorite promo?

Dusty Rhodes’ “Hard Times.”

16. Favorite feud/storyline of all-time?

I think I have to go with Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon

17. Favorite entrance theme of all-time?

The Ultimate Warrior.

18. Favorite first appearance?

Chris Jericho’s arrival to the WWF.

19. Favorite surprise?

This is a vague question on purpose as it could mean anything. I’m leaning toward CM Punk leaving the Money in the Bank PPV. Talk about a “mark out” moment!

20. Favorite single moment?

The first time Mick Foley won the WWF Championship (with a little help from Steve Austin).

If you’re interested to know more about my wrestling fandom, read my article “How CM Punk Saved Wrestling (For Me)” here


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