“Finish What You Start.”

This isn’t a piece about professional wrestling. It is about fathers. I know you might be thinking, “You just did a piece about your father.” And you’re right, I did. These are the trying months for me. My father passed away on June 10th and his birthday is August 13. Summer isn’t exactly fun for me. Perhaps what are about to flow from these fingers are feelings that have lingering for three years now that I haven’t quite been able to properly channel. While this isn’t about pro wrestling, it is inspired by an event in the wrestling world, however. I mean, what else is there for me to write about nowadays? This piece stems from the passing of Dusty Rhodes and with the blog post written by his son Cody, which you can read here.

My father was a good man. Sometimes you’ll hear stories of when someone passes, you have to kinda go through their things and you might find some…hmm…surprising things. This wasn’t the case with him. No skeletons in the closet, no weird things to be found. And there was a good amount of outpouring from people all around when the news broke, mostly from former players we had coached in basketball. It was a good feeling know that his reach extended much further out than he likely knew.

It was this man who taught me what it truly meant to be a man. He taught me the importance of family and sticking together. We went through some hard times, but we got out of it by circling the wagons. I know that I can make it through anything that life can throw at me because of this. This was a man who would do anything for his family. I think a lot of it has to do with the disconnect that he had with his own father, but he would run on next to no sleep to make sure we had everything we needed and that he was present for just about anything we were doing. I don’t doubt that this was a contributing factor for his far too early passing, but I don’t think he would have changed anything.

“Finish what you start.” This is the sentence that most struck home in the Cody blog. My father very much agreed with that statement. He believed in me, even when there quite honestly wasn’t much to believe in. He never looked at me as an underachiever, which I quite frankly am. He simply thought that I would bloom when the time was right for me. He only had positive things to say about all of us. Not that never did anything wrong, we certainly did, but he never let that sway his opinion. He thought the world of my sisters and me.

“Finish what you start.” His last goal, before setting the next one, was to buy an house. Right now that’s what I’m working toward. I need to finish what he started and I’m right there. I can taste it. After that, it’s time for me to accomplish what I’ve planned to do. And I will finish what I start this time. I won’t fail. My father wasn’t a world famous legend, but he was still legendary to me. I can only strive to be half the man he was and I can only hope that he’s proud of me.

This leads me to the Cody Rhodes/Stardust situation. I know a lot of us would have preferred things to go down a different way, but let’s be honest: that’s not for us to decide. That’s up to Cody. Since “we” didn’t get what we want, we spoke down upon what we saw. We cried out from the mountains how this isn’t “right” to Cody. After reading that blog, how do you feel about acting that way now? Imagine how it must feel to Cody for embarking in a mission he set out to do, for his father, and here “we” are, being as negative as we could possibly be. Imagine how it must feel to be this man, who we allegedly support, having to hear these things. I would think there’s a lot of guilt being felt a week later. Do you want to support Cody? Here’s how you do it:

Boo Stardust.

Boo him until the cows come home. Not because Stardust isn’t “what we want to see,” boo him because he’s an heel. Boo all of his cheating antics. Boo him because that’s what he wants you to do. None of this, “I bought a ticket I can boo/cheer who I want” nonsense. Knock it off. Boo Stardust.

Do you want to help Cody honor Dusty? Make this angle with Stephen Amell the single biggest thing of Cody’s career. Then when the winds of change come, cheer Cody with everything you got. That’s how you remember Dusty. That’s how you help Cody during this time. He’s going through so much already, he doesn’t need us acting like a bunch of jackasses at the same time.

Boo him. Cheer Amell. It’s that simple.


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