FSW Moment of Truth 10/24/14

After living here in Las Vegas for four years, I finally made my way down to Sam’s Town to catch a Future Stars of Wrestling show entitled “Moment of Truth.” I always find it difficult to go to a FSW show for simple logistics: I tend to not get off from work until well after the opening bell. This particular Friday night, however, I got off right when the show was about to start so I got there just 45 minutes late. Hey, I had to go home and change out of the shirt and tie (and into my rad Ragnarock shirt!). The following are some quick hitters regarding the show. If you were there keep in mind that I came in at the tailend of the Sugar Brown match.

And here we go.

D-Lo Brown! D-Lo was the special guest referee for a tag match between Disco Inferno/Michael Modest and The Gods of War. They were like Ares and Thor, however, complete with a shield and Mjolnir. This was a fun match and I have always been a huge D-Lo mark, so much so that my dad used to call me “C-Lo.” So, yes, Mr Green, I’m still waiting for the check.

Michael Modest. As you are well aware of by this point, I’m old. I’ve been part of the “IWC” for a very long time. In 2000-2001, the show I always wanted to go to was All Pro Wrestling Gym Wars/King of the Indies in Hayward, California. This was where you could see the big time up and comers. Names like Christopher Daniels, Brian Kendrick, and a certain guy named Bryan Danielson, all came through APW back then. One of the stalwarts of the promotion was Michael Modest, who had these ten minutes on Nitro vs. Daniels. I always wanted to see him in person after years of seeing matches online (or even before that, in online reports of these Gym Wars cards). I may have been 15 years or so late, but it was an absolute pleasure…and yes, Modest can still go.

It’s no secret that my favorite tag team going is The Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe and Luster The Legend). I got into them back in 2010 when CM Punk reinvigorated my wrestling fandom and I was watching everything I possibly could. From FSW, Reno Wrestle Factory, and Territory League, the Scum tended to be on all the shows I was watching. So, imagine my excitement when I saw Thornstowe was on the card (Luster was unfortunately injured). Let me tell you all: Thornstowe is legit. Even when he was circling for the opening tie-up, you could tell he was good…and he has the swagger of someone who knows it. He had an awesome, hard hitting match that did not disappoint. And he was super cool when I introduced myself awkwardly (I’m a giant introvert, so that sort of thing is tough for me).

As for his opponent, Bryce Harrison is fantastic and has found a very compelling cult leader character. His stable The Following was all over the card; their entrance and music are badass. I’d check out FSW for them alone. And it doesn’t hurt that they have Shelly Martinez as a manager. Hubba hubba. But Bryce is rightfully the star of the group. Truth be told, I had fallen off the FSW bandwagon for a little while (too many hobbies), so I didn’t really know what was going on with the roster. That said, it took little time to figure out that The Following was not only the show, but also the future of the promotion.

The Following would later capture the tag titles, giving them claim to two of the three championships in FSW. It was good match and I love the Whirlwind Gentlemen. Peter Gabriel’s “Steam” is a great entrance song. I would have never thought of it.

Willie Mack! Virgil Flynn! I don’t have much to add to this other than they’re awesome and you should see them if you have the chance. Seriously, WWE: what gives?

Hoss fight! Former heavyweight champions Tyshuan Prince and Alkatrazz faced off in a lumberjack match. These are two big individuals that put on a short clinic of chain wrestling. Remember that one Mark Henry v. Big Show match from a few years ago in which they put each other in submission holds? It was kinda like that before all hell broke loose on the outside with the lumberjacks. I loved the post-match shenanigans with Prince finally getting five minutes with Sal E. It’s always fun to see an heel manager get their comeuppance. Need proof? Here ya go, courtesy of Mr. Pauly Kover’s instagram:

Main event featured Matt Hardy successfully defend the FSW title against Brian Cage. Really fun match. It’s good to see Hardy in a good place after years of personal issues. Cage is nicknamed the “Swolverine” and that’s very appropriate: the guy is jacked beyond belief. Hardy used some underhanded tactics to pin Cage, so I’d expect a rematch coming in the future.

Overall, I had an absolute blast. Wrestling is always best when seen in person and Future Stars of Wrestling definitely put on a good show. The best thing was that I was sitting there, all by my lonesome (because I’m THAT guy) with a stupid grin on my face. I didn’t over think things, I just took in the show. I was reminded just how much I love this stuff. I always have and I always will.



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