Hard Times (Mid-Atlantic Wrestling 10/29/1985)

Dusty Rhodes’s appearance isn’t exactly what a world class wrestler is stereotypical supposed to look like. No, he was overweight. He had weird hair. He had a lisp which made his speaking voice very strange. These are things that he would make light of, but he had a special kind of charisma that people could gravitate to. In fact, while Dusty was damn good in the ring, his biggest strength was the ability to be relatable to the common man and to make that common man believe in him: the son of a plumber; The American Dream.

His promos are the stuff of legend, but it’s this one that is largely considered his best. Ric Flair had put Dusty out with an injury, but now the Dream was back and now he’s talking about hard times. Flair, you see, doesn’t know what hard times are. But the working man does; Dusty Rhodes does. Needless to say that at Starrcade ’85, Dusty would be teaching Flair the meaning of hard times.

I hope you all enjoy.


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