THE Most Dope Wrestler of the Week (7/19/15)

If it’s Sunday, you know you’re in for the one list you hold your breath for: THE Most Dope Wrestler of the Week! As a reminder, I watch a lot of wrestling so you can skip around to see the raddest performances on any given week. This past week goes from WWE RAW through ROH TV and it does include ROH Aftershock Tour Las Vegas, which will be available on DVD and VOD.

I’ve kept you all waiting long enough, here we go!

22. Dalton Castle (ROH Aftershock)

Guys, Dalton Castle MUST be seen in person. You don’t get the majesticness in all its glory through a television screen.

21. Matt Taven (ROH Aftershock)

Taven is so incredibly unlikable, it kinda makes him likable. Either way, he’s aces in the ring.

20. Pentagon Jr (Lucha Underground)

Oh man, I cannot wait for the match with Vampiro!

19. Roman Reigns (RAW)

Didn’t speak, just came out and kicked some ass. It was wonderful.

18. The Briscoes (ROH Aftershock)

So very different, yet equally rad. When Jay comes out, you know an asskicker is entering the venue; Mark is just a National Treasure.

17. Blake, Murphy & Alexa (NXT)

They get the generic matching gear heat from me, but Alexa splashing fools after a match is pretty much the greatest.

16. Adam Cole [BAYBAY] (ROH Aftershock)

Didn’t get too show off TOO much here, but you can tell that he is absolutely outstanding. Glad to finally have seen him wrestle in person.

15. Moose (ROH Aftershock/ROH TV)

I mean, if we get right down to it, everything about Moose is dope. Basically.

14. Christopher Daniels (ROH Aftershock)

“Old Man Daniels” is still out there and doing is well. Love the new(ish) entrance attire.

13. Truth Martini (ROH TV)

Truth going all Electric Boogaloo is one of my most favorite things ever.

12. Rusev (RAW)

“French…American…WHATEVER YOU ARE” Yeah, pretty much, Rusev, pretty much.

11. Baron Corbin (NXT)

“I won four conference titles in college; not the team, ME.” Yeah, because FUCK those other guys!

10. Maria Kanellis (ROH Aftershock)

She straight up said that she’s going to bring in someone who CAN win the ROH World title into The Kingdom…WITH ADAM COLE (BAYBAY) STANDING RIGHT THERE!! #Heel

9. Willie Mack (ROH Aftershock)

Really got to shine in front of his “home” crowd; he impressed those who hadn’t seen him before, too. Win-Win.

8. Bobby Fish (ROH Aftershock)

NEW #1 Contender to the TV title!

7. Vampiro (Lucha Underground)

I have never said this before, but: KICK HIS ASS, VAMPIRO!

6. Jay Lethal (ROH Aftershock)

Just the way the man wears both titles around his abdomen is top notch. Again: Jay Lethal is GOD.

5. Brock Lesnar/Seth Rollins (RAW)

They’re on here for the same reason (breaking Kane’s leg/breaking it more) because they got totally different responses for the SAME action!

4. Nanae Takahashi (ROH Aftershock)

YO! Takahashi is DOPE! Strong Style forearms will never get old. Plus, she kicked ODB’s flask right out of her hand!

3. Chad Gable (NXT)

I REALLY hope Gable never throws a single strike until he turns heel. A wrestler who wrestles. Quite a concept.

2. Austin Aries (ROH Aftershock)

Man, it was crazy to see him back in a ROH ring again. Super cool to see him wrestle in person, too.

1. Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Sasha Banks (RAW; NXT)

This will go down as one of my favorite segments of the year. The times they are a’changin’. Plus, hell of a match between Charlotte and Sasha on NXT this week!

And there it is! Congrats to Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks for being THE Most Dope Wrestlers of the Week! I think you’ll understand why I couldn’t separate them. I usually don’t like to clump wrestlers together, but sometimes they’re just linked that week.

Remember to join me again next week when I crown the next winner!

Enjoy Battleground!


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