Theme of the Month

The Archive For Our Theme of the Month.

December 2011: Grab Them Cakes

Written by Chris Lejarzar

It’s time nearly time to bring in the New Year and what better way to do so than to get funky with the Junkyard Dog? Don’t be afraid to join in!

November 2011: Viva la Lucha Libre

Written by Chris Lejarzar

And now for something a little bit different. What happens when you mix punk rock and luchadores? The Secretions show us with their song “Viva la Lucha Libre”!

October 2011: The Brood

Written by Donnie Storms

Do you like wrestling?  Do you like vampires?  Do you like wrestling vampires?  Then do we have a treat (as opposed to a trick) for you!

September 2011: Great Texan (Theme From Terry Funk)

Written by Donnie Storms

For our very first Theme of the Month, we turn to the one and only Donnie Storms! As expected, he gives us a doozy. What happens when you mix Japanese disco and Terry Funk? You get ambrosia for the ears, my friends.


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