Our WWE PPV Report Archive.

The Four Eyed Report: WWE Survivor Series (2011)

The Thanksgiving Tradition continues from Madison Square Garden! Big Show jumps off the top rope?? The Fink returns?? Is there a new WWE Champion?? And The Great One is back!

The Chrono Crossbody Block: WWE Vengeance 2011 (Running Diary) 

Bit of a delay due to wordpress eating a good amount of content (yes, it’s that good), but Donnie Storms is back with another running diary! If Vengeance wasn’t already THAT guy’s, it’d be Donnie’s!

The Chrono Crossbody Block: WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 (Running Diary)

Ever wondered what goes through the head of someone watching a wrestling PPV? Look no further! Donnie Storms takes us on a minute by minute journey and I assure you, he does not pull any punches!

The Four Eyed Report: Hell in a Cell 2011

Mark Henry retains the World Championship over Randy Orton! Cody Rhodes reveals a new Intercontinental belt?? Does Beth Phoenix finally beats Kelly Kelly?? A new WWE Champion?? The Miz and R-Truth get arrested??

The Four Eyed Report: Night Of Champions 2011 

We have a new World Champion as Mark Henry decimates Randy Orton! Kelly Kelly retains?? John Cena WWE Champion again?? And what on earth was all of that in the main event??

The Four Eyed Report: SummerSlam 2011

Mark Henry vs. Sheamus! Christian vs. Randy Orton for the World Championship! CM Punk vs. John Cena for the Undisputed WWE Championship! And Kevin Nash shows up?!


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