Our RAW Report Archive.

Five Points: RAW 1/9/2012

Kane doesn’t make sense all while saying the same thing again! Daniel Bryan is awesome! Brodus Clay finally debuts! A shoutout to Ricardo Rodriguez! I actually enjoyed the Zack Ryder stuff?? Horsemen forever!

Five Points: RAW 1/2/2012

After a bit of a hiatus, Five Points is back with the new year! Dolph Ziggler starts off on the right foot! The Miz gets got…again! Chris Jericho returns and trolls us all! The main event features wrestlers playing a kid’s game??

Five Points: RAW 12/12/2011

Three hour edition of RAW which showcases the Slammys and might have had the worst segment ever! What’s with this Triple H guy? John Cena: #HEEL! It’s a longer show with less wrestling?? And a certain someone makes a return to the surprise of everyone!

Five Points: RAW 12/5/2011

Trying out a new format both out of curiosity and necessity (explained inside). Tonight, I make five specific points for this week’s Monday Night RAW: Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, the Divas, and Johnny Ace are all covered! Let me know what you think!

Quick Thoughts: RAW 11/28/2011 and Smackdown 11/29/2011

By Chris Lejarzar

Two shows in one report! Aren’t you lucky? Being that I couldn’t watch a good chunk of RAW as it aired and that Smackdown aired live the following night, I combine both in one Super Duper Four Eyed Report! Don’t worry, I call it “quick thoughts” for a reason.

The Four Eyed Report: RAW 11/21/2011

Kevin Nash gives the same promo again?? CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler tear the house down in a great match! Randy Orton and Wade Barrett’s feud is starting to heat up! The Awesome Truth no more??

The Four Eyed Report: RAW 11/7/2011

Does John Morrison actually win a match?? Alberto Del Rio gives CM Punk a chance to back out of the match at Survivor Series (kind of)! Kevin Nash returns to explain himself! Zack Ryder is in the main event teaming with John Cena against The Awesome Truth!

The Four Eyed Report: RAW 10/31/2011

The Muppets invade RAW! CM Punk tries to earn a WWE title shot against Mark Henry! A laugh out loud moment during the Divas Battle Royale! Alberto Del Rio and the Big Show put everyone to sleep?? Zack Ryder takes on Dolph Ziggler! Why does Super Cena need The Rock again??

The Four Eyed Report: RAW 10/24/2011

The road from Vengeance to Survivor Series starts here! Kevin Nash assults Triple H! CM Punk is next to challenge for Alberto Del Rio’s WWE Championship?? John Cena picks an electrifying partner for Survivor Series to face The Miz and R-Truth!

The Four Eyed Report: RAW 10/3/2011

Mark Henry and Randy Orton have another brawl! Can someone explain to me why I should be cheering for Kelly Kelly? A 30+ minute 12-Man Tag Team match is the main event! The WWE roster gives Triple H and vote of no confidence??

The Four Eyed Report: RAW 9/29/2011

Cody Rhodes defends the Intercontinental Championship in a 10 Man Battle Royale! David Otunga, Esquire?? Mark Henry runs through The Great Khali! Mason Ryan returns?? Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk!

The Four Eyed Report: RAW 9/19/2011

Fall out from Night of Champions! Hugh Jackman is a broski?? The Sin Caras come to blows! Mark Henry: The Devourer of Worlds! John Cena and CM Punk vs. The Awesome Truth! And someone gets fired??

The Four Eyed Report: RAW 9/12/2011

Sheamus sends two guys back to FCW?? John Cena and Bret Hart face WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez?? Mark Henry has the last laugh on Randy Orton! The final showdown between CM Punk and Triple H before Night of Champions!

The Four Eyed Report: RAW 9/5/2011

Kevin Nash fired?? Beth Phoenix faces Eve Torres in a #1 contender’s bout! CM Punk vs. R-Truth! Zack Ryder gets a win on RAW?? Team Rudos vs. Team Tecnicos! And excuse my rant at the end.

The Four Eyed Report: RAW 8/29/2011

The Brand Extension is over?? World Champion Randy Orton and US Champion Dolph Ziggler have an outstanding match! CM Punk vs. The Miz! John Cena and Sheamus team up to face Christian and Mark Henry! Plus, CM Punk’s opponent for Night of Champions is set…twice??

The Four Eyed Report: RAW 8/22/2011

WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio takes on John Morrison! New Tag Team Champions? The Awesome Truth is born! John Cena battles CM Punk for a shot at Del Rio! Kevin Nash in a car accident??

The Four Eyed Report: RAW 8/15/2011

John Morrison and R-Truth continue their feud! CM Punk confronts Kevin Nash! Alberto Del Rio defends the WWE Championship against Rey Mysterio! And what the hell is your problem, John Cena??


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