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THE List took a break last week to remember Dusty Rhodes…but it’s back, BAYBAY!

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There a few firsts on this week’s installment of THE List! Can you figure them out? Let me know!

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It was 33 years in the making, but Chris got to point to the sign and go to WrestleMania this year! And he let’s us know what it was like to be there, along with his experiences at AXXESS and RawAfterMania!

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Kane doesn’t make sense all while saying the same thing again! Daniel Bryan is awesome! Brodus Clay finally debuts! A shoutout to Ricardo Rodriguez! I actually enjoyed the Zack Ryder stuff?? Horsemen forever!

Excuse the tardiness!

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Welcome to RAW...IS...TROLL?

After a bit of a hiatus, Five Points is back with the new year! Dolph Ziggler starts off on the right foot! The Miz gets got…again! Chris Jericho returns and trolls us all! The main event features wrestlers playing a kid’s game??

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Three hour edition of RAW which showcases the Slammys and might have had the worst segment ever! What’s with this Triple H guy? John Cena: #HEEL! It’s a longer show with less wrestling?? And a certain someone makes a return to the surprise of everyone!

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Trying out a new format both out of curiosity and necessity (explained inside). Tonight, I make five specific points for this week’s Monday Night RAW: Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, the Divas, and Johnny Ace are all covered! Let me know what you think!

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