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THE List took a break last week to remember Dusty Rhodes…but it’s back, BAYBAY!

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There a few firsts on this week’s installment of THE List! Can you figure them out? Let me know!

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Yeah, I Couldn't Think of Anything Better...

Two shows in one report! Aren’t you lucky? Being that I couldn’t watch a good chunk of RAW as it aired and that Smackdown aired live the following night, I combine both in one Super Duper Four Eyed Report! Don’t worry, I call it “quick thoughts” for a reason.

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For part two, Donnie and Chris wonder what happened to the character that made us all pay attention. Will the real CM Punk please stand up?

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The combined series is here and it starts today! There have been some things bothering us about the current state of WWE and what better place to start than with the Cerebral Assassin himself?

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It’s the “go home” show for Hell in a Cell! One Sin Cara reveals a new outfit! The Divas of Doom make Kelly Kelly cry! Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus! Another addition to the Randy Orton and Christian series! Orton finally hits Mark Henry with the RKO!

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Triple H on Smackdown?? Randy Orton leaves Cody Rhodes a bloody mess! One Sin Cara steals the other’s win?? Mark Henry defends his World Championship against Christian…in a lumberjack match!

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