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In which Chris discusses the fall of The Deadman.

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This is something a bit different. It’s inspired by professional wrestling, namely the current Stardust situation, but it’s really about fathers.

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Big Van Vader made his return to Impact Wrestling last week. In a very personal piece, Chris explains how Vader was an unlikely savior in a time of need.

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THE List took a break last week to remember Dusty Rhodes…but it’s back, BAYBAY!

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I was going to wait to comment on this until I put out my piece on the WWE house show that occurred last night here in Las Vegas, but I’ve seen it spread enough and commented on by people where it’s going to spread even faster. I’m here to shockingly tell you that you’re being ribbed. This is a nice way to say that you’re being lied to in order to garner the all important hits to websites. Apparently fact-checking isn’t alive and well on the internet. I’m as surprised as you are.

The elephant in the room in this regard is the Brad Maddox situation that apparently occurred at this particular show. I’m here to tell you none of what you read did happen. As someone who was, you know, actually there, I’m here to set the record straight. Here’s what did take place:

1. Brad Maddox did not come out to any music CM Punk has ever come out to. He did come out to the drum roll and silence that always followed him to the ring.

2. He did not cut a “Pipe Bomb” promo. He mentioned that people may not remember him as RAW GM. He explained that it’s because he took “short cuts” during his time in power. He was there to prove that he can be a straight up guy and do the right thing. He said all of this in between talking trash to Jack Swagger and running away from him. It was a chickenshit heel promo.

3. He was wearing an hoodie. It was a tight one that he had trouble taking off. In fact, he needed the referees help. The referee was able to yank it off of him after a couple of tries. When this happened, he was able to blindside Swagger to get the upper hand. It was a bit that went along with the promo.

4. His gear had GM crossed out on it. It did not and still does not calls back anything Punk wore, unless we’re now saying that all kickpads that have designs on them are Punk’s intellectual property.

5. He did get a reaction as the crowd understood what he was doing and booed accordingly. They cheered when Swagger pretty quickly dispatched him.

So, there you have it. This all stems from a picture tweeted out with a joking caption that said something along the lines of, “Punk is back!” Like a game of telephone, this tall tale kept getting taller and taller.

But please, carryon putting nonsense up on your “news” site in order to get people to click links. I apologize for spoiling your fun.

Hugs and kisses,


PS: Yes, a lot of this is meant to be taken sarcastically, including the title of this post.


In which Chris remembers the dopest wrestler of them all: The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

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There a few firsts on this week’s installment of THE List! Can you figure them out? Let me know!

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