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Quick Thoughts: RAW 11/28/2011 and Smackdown 11/29/2011

By Chris Lejarzar

Two shows in one report! Aren’t you lucky? Being that I couldn’t watch a good chunk of RAW as it aired and that Smackdown aired live the following night, I combine both in one Super Duper Four Eyed Report! Don’t worry, I call it “quick thoughts” for a reason.

The Four Eyed Report: Smackdown 9/30/2011 

It’s the “go home” show for Hell in a Cell! One Sin Cara reveals a new outfit! The Divas of Doom make Kelly Kelly cry! Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus! Another addition to the Randy Orton and Christian series! Orton finally hits Mark Henry with the RKO!

The Four Eyed Report: Smackdown 9/23/2011

Triple H on Smackdown?? Randy Orton leaves Cody Rhodes a bloody mess! One Sin Cara steals the other’s win?? Mark Henry defends his World Championship against Christian…in a lumberjack match!

The Four Eyed Report: Smackdown 9/16/2011

It’s Edge Appreciation Night! Daniel Bryan vs. Sin Cara! Mistico returns?? Christian and Wade Barrett take on Sheamus and Justin Gabriel in a tag match! World Champion Randy Orton and Mark Henry confront each other in The Cutting Edge!

The Four Eyed Report: Smackdown 9/9/2011

Zack Ryder gets crushed! Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya! Sheamus battles Wade Barrett! Former Legacy stablemates Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes collide! And Mark Henry takes a seat!

The Four Eyed Report: Smackdown 8/30/2011

Sin Cara turns heel?? The Divas of Doom actually do something?? CM Punk and Triple H have a contract signing for Night of Champions! Steel cage match as Randy Orton defends the World Title against Christian in Orton’s second great match in as many days! Mark Henry is unstoppable!

The Four Eyed Report: Smackdown 8/26/2011

Bret Hart returns as the guest GM of Smackdown! Christian vs. Daniel Bryan! Cody Rhodes turns on Ted DiBiase! Epic Torture Rack! Mark Henry and Sheamus have a rematch!

The Four Eyed Report: Smackdown 8/19/2001

Ezekiel Jackson gets his rematch with Cody Rhodes! Justin Gabriel vs. Tyson Kidd! Alberto Del Rio squares off against Daniel Bryan! Plus a battle royale to decide the #1 contender to Randy Orton’s World Championship!


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