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In which Chris discusses the fall of The Deadman.

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It was 33 years in the making, but Chris got to point to the sign and go to WrestleMania this year! And he let’s us know what it was like to be there, along with his experiences at AXXESS and RawAfterMania!

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In which Chris looks at the end of The Streak.

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I don’t know about you all, but I’m really excited for WrestleMania 30. To help you all get ready, I found these old school Wrestlemania themes. The first one is the theme I remember listening to as I pleaded with my dad to order the show. The second one is one I still hum around this time of year. It’s crazy the things we remember, isn’t it?

I will be live tweeting from my phone, but I wouldn’t expect a whole bunch. I’ll definitely be giving my thoughts tonight and later on in the week as we see the fallout from tomorrow night’s RAW.

I hope you all enjoy the show, ladies and gents! Here’s hoping that the Network holds up!

At Wrestlemania V, the Mega-Powers exploded, but before that, The Macho Man Randy Savage had a message to Hulk Hogan and all of the “Pukesters” out there!

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